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So. Vietnam, 1966, that's me at left,  lighting up a cigarette!

As a retired journalist and independent video producer I have been fortunate to have had a life full of variety, world travel, and fun. This eclectic personal web site has been expanded with content which varies widely from my work as a journalist including my year in Vietnam as a correspondent . . .

gourd homepage

. . . to my work as a fine art gourd artist. I will show you examples of elaborate gourd decoration which is done using pyrography, leather dyes, inlaid stone and other techniques . . .


I grew up in a small fishing and shrimp processing town, Aransas Pass, Texas. It has a colorful early history and I have included a rare promotional booklet from 1912 when the town was being nationally promoted. People flocked down to the Texas Gulf Coast for the last of the illegal land lotteries in the USA. The old photos and descriptions of the little town are a trip back in time. 

napoli sotterranea

We will visit the secret world hidden beneath Naples, Italy where 2,500 year old Greek and Roman aqueducts, huge tunnels, passegeways and gigantic quarried caverns create a "parallel city." Take photo tour by scrolling down and down into this marvel for a virtual visit. See how WWII air raid shelters were created using the warren of tunnels and cavities below the streets of Naples. 


The "Cronies" are a unique group of friends from all over the United States. For many years we engaged annually in various adventure outings. "The Cronies," a name by one of the wives that stuck, include two retired Air Force Colonels, one is a three-time NASA shuttle commander and USAF test pilot, the other was a B-52 commanding officer and forward air controller ... both served in the thick of the Vietnam war, one of our outstanding Crony chefs is a forensic CPA and outdoorsman, a legendary handlebar mustache is sported by our internationally famous commercial jet engine specialist, our other chef was raised on New Orleans cooking and is retired from NASA where he was involved in space education and in the teacher in space program, our infamous trip planner is a an aerospace Ph.D. and a former NASA educator who now divides his time between teaching and helping run the huge family ranch in New Mexico, and the chronicler of all the Crony activities is a worn out old TV anchorman who has hung up his flying wings too. Most of us are now retired, but I have posted one of our "Cronygrams" from a day's outing on a fine old narrow gauge steam train which included a jolting derailment!


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